Dell EMC Education IT Solutions - Reduce complexities, increase collaboration, and deliver optimal student support

Bring Education into the 21st Century

The convergence of IT and interactive teaching methodologies is revolutionizing the way students learn. Instruction no longer exists only inside the classroom walls. Once you implement Dell EMC technology solutions, you can empower educators, improve learning, and accelerate student achievement. Dell EMC IT solutions enable:

  • Instructor efficiency—Share ideas, collaborate, and become more effective at delivering student services.
  • Better student performance—Leverage next-generation learning methods to improve delivery of information-based student services.
  • Operational agility—Automate administrative processes and ease management challenges for faster, easier operations.
  • Distance learning—Leverage new technologies to reach students remotely and increase the availability of educational services.

Be Ready for Growing Storage Needs In Higher Education

Today, students and scholars rapidly create and share information in many different ways. In addition to books housed in brick-and-mortar libraries, vast online repositories of educational materials, scientific findings, and academic research must be instantly available. Research teams around the world need to share and analyze data from next-generation instruments such as gene sequencers and mass spectrometers. Digital media files from sporting events and student projects need to be accessible and manageable online. Performances, speeches, and other data must be preserved for future generations.

Dell technology enables better learning outcomes, easier information and technology management and the cost efficiencies that can drive innovation in learning. Read more about Dell education solutions and the benefits they deliver to students, staff, and administrators.

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Economics 101

The Isilon scale-out storage platform, powered by the Dell EMC Isilon OneFS operating system, reduces storage complexity and delivers economic value with high utilization and pay-as-you-grow scalability. With Isilon, you can consolidate all your storage into a single volume, single file system, which simplifies management and saves operational costs.

Pay as you grow: The Isilon modular approach allows you to predictably manage capital expenditures. You purchase only the storage you need today, with the ability to immediately and easily expand tomorrow with no "forklift upgrades" required.

Efficiency and utilization guaranteed: Isilon delivers high utilization rates over traditional storage solutions.

Simplicity: With Isilon, you can manage petabytes of storage with a Web-based, intuitive interface. The OneFS operating system is a single, intelligent file system resulting in significantly lower administration costs than found in traditional scale-up network-attached storage (NAS) solutions.

Agility: Isilon delivers 60-second scaling of performance and capacity, enabling you to respond to needs by instantly and non-disruptively scaling up or down. The OneFS operating system combines file system, volume manager, and data protection into one unified whole, delivering a single intelligent file system.