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Technology is constantly changing, and no one knows that better than higher education institutions. Whether it’s for a new semester or new year, your school is tasked with making sure classroom devices are always ready for what comes next. From researching new products to rollout logistics, this is the time to consider changes for 2017. That's where Connection steps in.

We understand the pressure you are under to successfully implement new technologies for the start of the new year. From choosing the right devices to securing your data and deploying new technology, our experienced Account Managers are here to help you research the right technologies for a multitude of unique educational settings.

We Solve:

Data Security

It's not a matter of if, it's a matter of when. With the continuous state of change in the global threat landscape, institutions face cyberattacks and security breaches that are growing in frequency and sophistication every day. We are here to help you protect student and staff data by instituting security best practices.

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Technology Systems

Notebooks, tablets, desktops and workstations—not all students require the same thing. We have a full breadth of systems available for all needs. We have qualified experts and experience implementing a range of technology solutions for institutions of all sizes across diverse academic focuses. Let us help you seamlessly integrate the latest devices into your classrooms to create a productive learning experience for all students.

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Internet access, telecommunication hardware, and system maintenance can stretch even the best school budget. Take into account how many connected devices each student owns and operates at any given moment, and you're faced with few choices if you want to offer a modern educational edge. We can help you prepare for the incoming class and beyond.

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Digital Signage

Wherever you look these days, you’re sure to see digital signage. From menus and maps to daily announcements or emergency alerts, whatever message your school needs to convey is possible. Get to know how different industries are leveraging digital signs to increase awareness and bridge communication gaps. Let our team match your needs with the solution that best matches your digital signage requirements.

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