Ethernet Network and Converged Network Adapters from Intel

Ethernet Network and Converged Network Adapters from Intel®

If your agency is planning to upgrade its network capabilities or servers soon, upgrade with Intel converged network adapters to take advantage of industry-leading reliability and performance. Intel's unified networking solutions are enabled through a combination of Intel Ethernet products along with network and storage protocols integrated in the operating systems. This combination provides proven reliability with the performance that data center administrators have come to expect from Intel.

Intel converged network adapters offer:

  • Outstanding I/O performance in virtualized server environments
  • Simplified to 10GbE
  • Support for iSCSI, FCoE, virtualization, and flexible port partitioning (FPP)
  • Superior power savings with the new generation of X710 adapters

Intel Ethernet Converged Network Adapter X710 Family

Intel x710

The Intel Ethernet Converged Network Adapter X710 family addresses the demanding needs of the next-generation agile data center by providing unmatched features for virtualization, flexibility for LAN and SAN networking, and proven reliable performance.

The Intel Ethernet Converged Network Adapter X550 is the newest innovation in Intel’s leadership to drive 10GbE into the broad server market. This adapter hosts Intel’s latest Ethernet silicon, the Intel Ethernet Controller X550, a low-cost single-chip 10GBASE-T solution for today’s server platforms. Backward compatibility with existing 1000BASE-T networks simplifies the transition to 10GbE.

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