Why Choose HP 3PAR?

If your organization is looking to refresh its storage hardware, consider making the move to HP 3PAR StoreServ. It's the gold standard in Tier 1 storage for virtual/ITaaS.

Industry-Leading Features

  • All-Flash Storage: The performance and agility of flash without compromising resiliency, efficiency, or data mobility between systems
  • Autonomic: The system responds effortlessly and instantly to new workload demands—reducing the time IT spends managing storage by up to 90%
  • Efficient: Hardware-enabled thin technologies and tiering for high efficiency without tradeoffs—enabling you to reduce your capacity requirements
  • Multi-tenant: Bulletproof Tier 1 resilience for massive consolidation of unpredictable mixed workloads
  • Federated: HP Peer Motion for easy refresh and data services management across multiple arrays

Read InfoWorld's product review to understand why HP's 3PAR was named the 2014 InfoWorld Technology of the Year.

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The Benefits of HP 3PAR

HP 3PAR offers a wide range of solutions to meet any storage need. Futureproof your organization with a platform that’s designed for today’s challenges—and ready for tomorrow’s. Invest in HP 3PAR and create a storage solution that can grow with the changing needs of your environment.

How will moving to HP 3PAR benefit your organization?

  • It’s tightly clustered and multi-tenant, which means it can grow with you as applications and workloads are added—supporting affordable growth without disrupting your employees’ daily work
  • Unique hardware capabilities enable the removal of allocated—but unused—space without impacting performance
  • Reduce your costs—less hardware needed for storage means fewer disks to power and cool

Download our PDF that explains the benefits of moving to HP 3PAR storage.


Data Migration Made Easy

Moving from one storage product to the next has never been easier. Now is the perfect time to upgrade to HP 3PAR. The HP 3PAR Online Import Tool makes modernizing your data storage simple and efficient.

Pick the perfect time to move your data with three convenient migration options:

  • Online migration
  • Offline migration
  • Minimally disruptive

Discover more about the process by downloading our PDF on HP 3PAR StoreServ storage migration.

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