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Over the last twenty years, cabling standards have changed, and contractors have changed to meet suppliers' warranties and ensure a quality job. The one thing that hasn't changed is the need to increase profitability and manage cash flow. Since advances in testing technology have reduced the time to certify to just a few seconds, it would seem that little could be done to improve this part of the installation process.

Over 45,000 Hours and $2 billion+ spent unnecesarily

Process Waste and Lost Profit

If one takes a larger view of the process, however, it's clear that there are a lot of places where time is wasted. For example, in a recent survey of over 800 installers, 44% reported having to retest links because they were tested to the wrong limits. Thirty-seven percent reported dealing with negative loss fiber measurements. A negative loss in a fiber is like recording a negative time in a 100 meter dash—something is wrong. In just one month, customers reported spending over 45,000 hours, at prevailing labor rates that translates to over two million dollars. A faster tester could slightly reduce the time wasted on these mistakes. But a far better solution is to eliminate them altogether. Fluke Networks has trained thousands of technicians in our Certified Cabling Test Technician (CCTT) program.

Mistake-Proof Your Cable Testing

There are many places in cable certification where mistakes can occur. This method has been adopted by companies worldwide, including at Fluke Networks. Each of these can be examined and the poka-yoke approach used to prevent or call attention to the mistakes. By eliminating these mistakes, contractors can reduce costs, increase profitability, and reduce the time to system acceptance and payment.

800 Contractors lost $2 Million in profits in One month

Federal agencies turn to Connection to create a network dependable enough to meet rigorous standards. Our experts conduct assessments to evaluate your current network, security, video and voice, and wireless needs before creating a solution. The solutions will increase speed, lockdown security threats, grow with your user base, and deliver on VoIP demands. Connection will custom build a solution to meet your needs and Federal standards.

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