Reinvent The Data Center - Dell FX2 Converged Architecture

The Age of the Modular Infrastructure

Dell's FX2 Converged Architecture series offers modular server, storage, and networking blocks that neatly combine in a compact, converged 2U rack chassis to redefine data center agility in any setting.

Scale workloads quickly, adding resources incrementally without the expense and inefficiency of overprovisioning. The groundbreaking FX architecture combines efficient management with flexible data center building blocks to optimize for both modern and legacy workloads.

Meet the Dell FX Family

Dell FD 332

Flexible, High-Density FX Storage

FD332 lets you create an easily scalable environment that supports balanced data growth on an as-needed basis, enabling you to tailor your storage needs. Its half-width 1U form factor fits nearly any rack and is a perfect addition to any FX-based infrastructure.

Dell FD 830

Powerful Scale-Up Server

FC830 is a full-width 4-socket server block that combines powerful processors, enormous memory capacity, and a highly expandable storage subsystem. It excels at running a wide range of applications and virtualization environments.

Dell FD 430

The Ultimate in Converged-Platform Server Density

FC430 is a compact quarter-width server block that combines powerful processors, great memory capacity, and tremendous IO throughput. In its two-storage-drive configuration, it is well suited for mainstream workloads such as Web serving, dedicated hosting, and lightweight virtualization and analytics.

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