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Security is arguably the most critical piece of the IT infrastructure, especially for the Federal Government. The threats to your network will continue to evolve and you need a plan that will last into the future. Our team of experts has the knowledge and tools to assess the current state of your environment and build a unique solution to safeguard your infrastructure and data.

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Continuous Protection from Continuous Threats

In today’s connected world, agencies and departments alike need to keep a watchful eye on their integrated systems. Organizations of all types are under constant attacks, both foreign and domestic. The Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation (CDM) guidelines were put in place to provide a checklist that helps keep your systems safe. Connection® Public Sector Solutions understands the nuances of this program and is here to help in your quest to fortify the cybersecurity of your organization’s network and devices.

PHASE 1: Discover Exploitable Gaps in Your Security Posture

The first phase of CDM focuses on endpoint integrity: management of hardware and software assets, configuration management, and vulnerability management. Achieving these capabilities begins with gaining complete insight and the ability to react. Watch our video with Steve Nardone, Practice Director of Security and Mobility at Connection, to learn how you can create a strategy that helps you become ready for the next attack.

PHASE 2: Design a Network that Ensures System Security

The second phase of CDM focuses on access control, security-related behavior management, credentials and authentication management, and privileges. Proper network access is key to successful phase-two implementation. Tim Allen, Network Practice Director at Connection, discusses why network access is so important.

PHASE 3: How to Gain Complete Visibility Across Your IT Environment

The third phase of CDM will focus on such elements as planning and responding to events, monitoring, risk management and boundary protection. Does your security strategy provide you the protection, visibility, and oversight to manage security events 24 × 7 × 365? Steve Nardone provides tips on how and where to begin.


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