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C2G USB Powered HDMI Voltage Inserter

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  • Audio , Power , Video
  • HDMI (F), HDMI (M) connector(s)
  • 6.00ft
  • Complies with TAA, RoHS Standards
  • Warranty: 3 Years
The USB Powered HDMI Voltage Inserter is the ideal solution for supporting HDMI bus-powered devices such as extenders, active cables with embedded chip sets, or signal sensing switches. HDMI was not designed to support bus-powered accessories. The power supplies associated with source devices such as computers, teleconferencing codecs, media players and set-top boxes are designed, according to HDMI standards, to deliver a 55mA hot plug supply. When an accessory demands more current than the source can supply, the system may fail to operate dependably. Insufficient power may manifest as a flashing image (HDCP problem), distorted video (EDID related issues), or even a complete loss of the image (hot plug assertion failure) Maintaining the proper voltages in the HDMI System is critical to the hardware “handshake”, HDCP key authentication and exchange, EDID information exchange and hot plug connection detect.

This voltage inserter isolates the power from the source device and provides a full 5 volts and up to 500mA of clean, dedicated power to support HDMI switching, splitting and extension accessories. If an installation leverages active cables with embedded chipsets, embedded electronic-to-optical media conversion, signal-sensing auto-switching or similar devices, then this power inserter will be a critical performance element.