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If your organization hasn’t yet migrated away from PBX, the costs of maintaining your lines and hardware will become prohibitively expensive. Today’s communications environment is IP based, and organizations that make the switch can realize significant savings. Before you can move from PBX to an IP-based system, you’ll need to ensure that you have both the network infrastructure and the on-staff expertise to make the switch. Laying the foundation to support your next-generation communication tools requires experience and in-depth knowledge of how all of the pieces fit together.
Get your migration on the path to success by engaging our experts and looking at your infrastructure holistically. We can help you address the infrastructure demands of today's latest technologies, from messaging and collaboration tools to presence and video.
Infrastructure Software Solutions
Collaboration is One Area of Software Infrastructure Likely to Change - IDG Poll

Microsoft Cloud Stack

Discover how to take advantage of next-generation, cloud-powered productivity. Explore the benefits of the Cloud Stack today.

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