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The significance of a critical application or operating system reaching end of life is hard to overstate. Lack of support, compatibility issues, and increased security risks can have far-reaching effects on your organization—especially when it comes to database environments. The experts at Connection can help you perform an analysis of your environment to determine what actions will be required before you begin your migration.
Application and Database Solutions
2 Out of 3 Organizations Require Professional Services to Perform Software Infrastructure Upgrade - IDG Poll

Get the Most Out of SQL

Discover how you can build a secure, robust, and scalable SQL environment with help from our experts.

Make Your SQL Migration Seamless

With Microsoft SQL Server 2005 already past end of life, organizations running older versions need to migrate or run the risk of putting their data and applications in peril. However, the process of upgrading to a supported version isn’t always simple. A new version can be installed quickly, but there are changes to the CMOS, databases, and overarching architecture that need to be considered before doing so. We can help you address those challenges. Our experts have the tools and the expertise to help your organization prepare for a refresh and migration of your applications and databases.

Stay Protected, Even After End of Life

We recognize that not all applications can be migrated to a new platform. Therefore, we have partnered with AppZero to provide a solution that enables environments to run on an unsupported platform—like Windows 2003 or SQL 2005—but in a protected container. With our solution in place, you can continue to run your applications for an indefinite period of time. If it is not possible to containerize the application, we can provide coding experts to consult on your solution. Our experts will analyze the code that your current applications are built on, and we will present you with the best possible migration path for your organization and your specific needs.

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