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Gain the Clarity You Need for a Successful Cloud Migration

Migrating to the cloud can be an IT nightmare, but it doesn’t have to be. Successful cloud migrations require understanding how cloud strengths and constraints align with your application portfolio. Connection’s Cloud Assessments map the optimal path from where you are to an efficient and agile public or hybrid cloud future. Our methodical approach lays out which applications should move—now, later, or never—to the cloud.

We gain an in-depth understanding of your workloads and use cases before determining the best migration path. This ensures an efficient migration that begins delivering cloud value as soon as possible and eliminates costly false‑starts.

Connection’s Cloud Assessments are designed to help your organization:

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Forecast Costs

Forecast Costs

At the end of the day, you need to know what migrating to the cloud is going to cost. Expense is consistently reported as the biggest challenge during and after migration. With less than 40% of companies accurately predicting cloud costs, you need a partner with a track record of cloud migration success to ensure your actual expenses align with predictions.1 Connection’s Cloud Assessments arm you with granular insights, so you never experience sticker shock.

Successful Cloud Migration Strategy

By taking into account your unique security and compliance needs, Connection helps you avoid data breach disasters and infiltration of your cloud infrastructure.

Connection’s Cloud Assessment Roadmap is a 4-step process ideal for organizations of 500+ employees. We begin with a complimentary high-level assessment, and then take a deep dive into workload requirements and compare cloud models. Third, Connection helps you plan the most efficient and effective migration for eligible workloads, and finally, our experts can assist with the migration process itself.
Successful Cloud Migration Strategy

Connection’s Cloud Assessment Roadmap

Cloud Workload Assessment

Cloud Workload Assessment

The Cloud Workload Assessment determines which applications are suitable to run in the cloud. This assessment also evaluates application workload dependencies, the resources needed for the workloads, the cloud models and providers that would be the best and most cost-effective fit, and how to ensure workloads are secure and compliant in the cloud.
Cloud Application Migration Planning

Cloud Application Migration Planning

Connection’s Cloud Application Migration Planning turns the insights gained from the Cloud Workload Assessment into a cloud landscape blueprint that suits your unique security, compliance, and business needs. This multi-part plan identifies and includes:
  • 6R’s categorization and TCO
  • Cost/risk matrix
  • Strategic roadmap and action plan
Cloud Landscape Optimization

Cloud Landscape Optimization

Connection’s Cloud Landscape Optimization Assessment provides insights into organizational readiness, recommendations for re-architecture (prior to migration), and a strategic portfolio analysis of up to 10 applications.
Cloud Application Migration

Cloud Application Migration

Following the Cloud Application Migration Plan, Connection can aid in migrating select applications to the cloud. Partnering with Connection empowers you to achieve:
  • Migration and cloud optimization of applications
  • Security and compliance
  • Cost optimization
  • High availability and auto-scaling
  • Automated testing, deployment, and monitoring (DevOps)
  • Data protection and disaster recovery

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