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Welcome to Acme Corporation

Today’s cyber threats are sophisticated and organized, and a top concern for our business. We need to protect not only our PCs but also all our networked devices, from worms, viruses, spyware, dynamic Trojans, stealth bots, ransomware, and more.

If a device connects to the Internet, it can be attacked in some way, and that is why everything on our corporate network needs comprehensive security—including our printers. Take a walk through our company and see how HP helps protect data, device and identity within our network and beyond.

Floor 1: Lobby

The main access point for our guests and customers.

Visitors check in through a digital system that registers them and prints visitor badges.

Lobby PCs and printers need to access the corporate network, making them a potential weak point for unauthorized users to gain access to sensitive information.

Streamline the check-in process while simultaneously protecting company information.

HP Elite Slice with HP LD5511
Large Format Display featuring:

  • Biometric security and smartcards
    • Only authorized personnel can access restricted information
  • HP Sure Start with Dynamic Protection
    • Our devices are protected at the hardware-based BIOS level
    • They recover quickly from corruption with the industry’s only self-healing BIOS-level protection

HP LaserJet Enterprise MFP M577F

  • Optional HP JetAdvantage Security Manager1 safeguards sensitive information with:
    • The deepest level of printer security
    • Increased network protection

of survey respondents said their security solution is ineffective at stopping threats at the BIOS level.2

Did You Know?

Although 88% of survey respondents use software-level security solutions for their desktop and laptops, only half said their security solution isn’t highly effective at stopping security threats during the boot process.2

We at Acme understand that software-based security isn’t good enough. We’ve taken on a new security approach with HP.

Floor 2: Internal sales department

Communications occur with customers and prospects using various networked devices.

Our sales personnel work on PCs with multiple users sharing the same printer. Since they interact with prospects and customers outside the company network, they need protected access to sensitive customer data such as CRM, sales tools, and reports while still being able to share that information easily with other company stakeholders.

All of that confidential data needs to remain safe from cyberattacks, hackers, ransomware, malware, and all other threats.

HP Elite Slice for Meeting Rooms

  • Featuring wireless sharing with Intel® UniteTM, Windows 10 Pro3 and HP Elite-class security and manageability—offering hardware and software-based security measures designed to help protect Acme's sensitive information from today's security threats

HP LaserJet M553 series

Featuring: HP Access Control with pull printing helps sales teams prevent unauthorized users from gaining access to sensitive printed materials

“I probe around for a multifunction printer and see that it is configured with default passwords. Great I am in.”
– Hackers Playbook by Peter Kim

Did You Know?

Printers are a favorite ‘back door’ for hackers, granting open access to a company’s network.

We at Acme appreciate that HP is the only manufacturer to combine three enterprise class security features in a printer (HP Sure Start BIOS protection, firmware whitelisting and runtime intrusion detection).

Floor 3: Virtual

Field Sales and work from home.

Field sales

Sales representatives in the field need reliable mobile access and e-printing so that they can share relevant information with potential customers while on the go.

Work from Home

Home environments are often much less secure than corporate offices.

Mobile devices are often at risk of being lost or stolen. Coffee shops and other public venues increase these risks as well as the danger posed by hackers and other data breaches due to insecure Wi-Fi and prying eyes watching for passwords.

Telecommuters need access to Acme’s corporate network, but they also need to store some sensitive data locally, which means taking it out of the company’s secure servers.

All of that confidential data needs to remain safe from cyberattacks, hackers, ransomware, malware, and all other threats.

Even the most stringent governance policies can’t protect data stored outside the company. Acme understands that you are only as strong as your weakest link. That’s why we ensure that we defend our network with both policy and the most comprehensive security measures.

Field sales

HP Elite x3

  • Help secure your data and apply corporate security policies with integrated hardware and software encryption, and iris and fingerprint authentication.4
  • Maintain onscreen clarity and touchscreen interactivity with a privacy filter that prevents passersby from catching a glimpse of your work by blocking peripheral views of the screen.

HP EliteBook Folio

  • New security threats drive the need for new protections. HP Sure Start with Dynamic Protection and security features in Windows 10 Pro help secure access to your business.

HP ePrint Enterprise

  • Security over mobile
    • Provides a secure connection through the firewall and controlled access to content and networked printers.

Work from home

HP EliteBook 840 with SureView

  • Instantly protect against visual hacking with the optional HP Sure View integrated privacy screen, featuring 3M privacy technology. At the touch of a button your screen appears dark to those around you while you see your content clearly.
  • Safeguard data and devices: Whether working in or out of the office, enterprise-class multifactor authentication including a fingerprint reader, SmartCard reader, and TPM will help protect your data, identity, and PC from unauthorized use.

HP OfficeJet Pro 8740 All-in-One

  • Protect documents from prying eyes
    • Pages print face down for better security
  • Optional HP JetAdvantage Security Manager1
    • Simplify mobile device management

New websites each day distribute malicious code.5

Did You Know?

Every day an average of 30,000 new websites are identified as distributing malicious code to site visitors.5

Acme helps its employees skip the passwords and instead, they authenticate in Windows 10 with fingerprints and smartphones.

Floor 4: Accounting

Acme’s accounting department handles sensitive financial information about the company and its customers, including banking and credit card data and financial reports.

Financial data is a prime target for criminals and malicious employees.

Our accounting department needs to secure all possible channels for unauthorized access, including potential backdoors that hackers could use.

HP EliteBook 850

  • Security and manageability you can depend on: Manage devices easily with optional Intel® vPro™6 and LANDesk7 management that integrates with advanced IT environments and helps reduce costly downtime featuring innovative BIOS protection from HP Sure Start.
  • HP Sure Start with Dynamic Protection checks your BIOS every 15 minutes to detect attacks and corruption then self-heals the BIOS automatically.

HP LaserJet Enterprise M506x

  • Protect sensitive business data with embedded security and optional HP JetAdvantage Security Manager1, an effective, policy-based approach to helping secure HP printing and imaging devices.

spent on cyber crime in 2014.8

Did You Know?

In 2014 alone the average annualized cost of responding to cyber crime was $7.6 million per company—a 10.4% increase over the prior year.8

Acme helps protect our company information and our bottom line by relying on a layered security approach that is built into HP commercial PCs and printers.

Floor 5: Human Resources

HR handles personal information regarding Acme employees.

Financial, medical, and work-related data need to be kept from falling into the wrong hands.

That means protecting against both internal and external threats.

HP Elite Slice with Optional HP Vesa Plate

Secure the Slice to a desk or podium to help prevent theft.

  • Windows Passport
    • Native two-factor authentication for Windows
    • Simplifies the sign-on process by managing user credentials
  • HP Disk Sanitizer
    • Securely and completely erases data before recycling or redeploying PCs

HP Color LaserJet Enterprise Flow MFP M577z

  • HP Secure Whitelisting—the device loads only “known good firmware” helping to keep printers ready to go when those new employee packets need to be printed and ready by 9am.

Did You Know?

Nearly 65% of breaches are accidental, employee negligence, or business process failures.

Acme helps ensure security is done right by taking advantage of HP Configuration and Deployment services, relying on HP proven governance and management methodologies to customize our PCs to the business requirement

Floor 6: Marketing

Acme’s marketing department has extensive access to sensitive company information including customer data, financials, market data, Acme’s trade secrets, competitive data, and more.

Marketing personnel need that data when they travel to conferences or meetings with customers.

So, it’s about protecting Acme’s data whether in-house or out on travel.

HP PageWide Enterprise Color Flow MFP 586z

  • HP Sure Start—Validates the integrity of the BIOS image. If validation fails a protected “Golden Copy” is used to boot the device providing a self-healing capability.
  • Runtime Intrusion Detection—Detects potential malware intrusions in system memory, reboots or holds at the preboot menu, preventing a potential malware exploit from executing.

HP Elitebook x2 1012

  • HP Touchpoint Manager9
    • Simplify mobile-device management

HP EliteOne Touch All-in-One PC

  • Common Criteria EAL4+ Augmented Certified Discrete TPM 1.2/2.0
    • Provides hardware-based encryption keys
    • Secures all kinds of data from emails to user credentials

Did You Know?

73% of CISO’s expect a major security breach within a year.10

Acme understands that you are only as strong as your weakest link, and often that means your printers. We don’t want to put our trust in chance, instead we rely on HP FutureSmart to protect our entire fleet.

Floor 7: Operations

Manufacturing and Procurement | R&D and Engineering

Acme’s buyers need access to product information and pricing models, and a good percentage of our personnel on the manufacturing floor are part-time and temporary employees who must not have access to Acme’s sensitive information. Meanwhile, Acme’s research and development teams, depending upon their role, require different access levels to mission-critical intellectual property and trade secrets.

Both cases face the challenge of keeping sensitive information in the right hands.

R&D and Engineering

HP ZBook Studio G3 Mobile Workstation

  • One-step login
  • Write/boot control for removable media
  • Optional fingerprint reader

HP PageWide Enterprise Color 556xh

  • HP JetAdvantage Private Print
  • HP JetAdvantage Security Manager (optional)1

Manufacturing and Procurement

HP EliteBooks

  • HP Sure View integrated privacy screen, featuring 3M technology
  • Instantly protect against visual hacking—at the touch of a button your screen appears dark to those around you while you see your content clearly

HP Color LaserJet Flow MFP M577c

  • HP Sure Start
    • Self-healing startup that checks for BIOS integrity

Take it from Acme, protect your company at all levels—data, device and identity.

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*ACME Company is a fictitious company and is used for representation purposes only.

  1. HP JetAdvantage Security Manager must be purchased separately. To learn more, please visit
  2. HP Security Global Research,” a Spiceworks Voice of IT panel survey of 671 respondents from the US, Mexico, Brazil, the UK, France, Germany, China, Japan and India, conducted on behalf of HP, July 2015.
  3. Available on the HP LaserJet M527, M506, M577 and as an upgrade on the M552, M553, M604, M605, and M606. Some features will be made available as a HP FutureSmart upgrade on selected existing printer models. For details see
  4. Iris and fingerprint reader software update for Windows 10 required and planned in a future release.
  5. Dynamic Protection monitors and corrects BIOS every 15 minutes.
  6. Some functionality of this technology, such as Intel® Active management technology and Intel Virtualization technology, requires additional 3rd party software in order to run. Availability of future "virtual appliances" applications for Intel vPro technology is dependent on third-party software providers.
  7. Third-party management software sold separately.
  8. Ponemon Institute. Global Report on the Cost of Cyber Crime. October 2014.
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