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Improve Efficiency with Asset Tracking and Data Capture Devices

Whatever your mission, Zebra’s government technology products, solutions, and services integrate cutting-edge technology, enabling you to capture real-time data at the edge for maximum operational awareness and smarter decision making. Zebra’s marking, tracking, mobile scanning/printing technologies, and support services enable unprecedented connectivity for a clear picture of your total environment—from physical assets to personnel. Your agency can modernize its IT capabilities, collaborate more easily, and use legacy technology in innovative ways to enable better decision making for faster, more secure delivery of services.
Improve Efficiency with Asset Tracking and Data Capture Devices

Respond with the Right Resources, Where and When You Need Them

Both law enforcement officers and first responders must react quickly and accurately to hazardous situations.
Zebra’s law enforcement technologies include mobile computers, scanners, and printers that support tracking and barcoding capabilities. These technologies help control access, maintain secure perimeters, and increase visibility and situational awareness.
Zebra’s first responder technology can accurately track personnel, gear, and evacuees—as well as view scenes en route as events unfold. Knowing where assets are located in real time enables accurate deployment of resources.
Respond with the Right Resources, Where and When You Need Them

Provide Services Efficiently and Responsively

State and local government agencies have extensive asset inventories, from buildings and infrastructure to supplies, equipment, machinery, vehicles, and more. Zebra’s barcode and RFID labels and tags help you keep track of it all, including its condition and location. Their inspection and code enforcement helps enforce the laws that keep your constituents safe, while mobile, field-based computing solutions improve caseworker productivity and the quality of the data they collect.

Create a Safe and Secure Campus Environment

Schools, colleges and universities can use Zebra Technologies’ RFID-encoded ID tags to identify students and maintain real-time awareness of their movements. Zebra’s specialized printers enable on-site printing of edge-to-edge, photo-quality ID cards for students, faculty, and staff to control access to buildings, venues, dormitories, and more.

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