VMware Virtual SAN - Introducing Radically Simple Hypervisor-Converged Storage

VMware Virtual SAN

Radically Simple Hypervisor-Converged Storage

At a Glance

VMware® Virtual SAN™ is a new software-defined storage tier for VMware vSphere® environments. Virtual SAN clusters server disks and flash to create radically simple, high-performance, resilient shared storage designed for virtual machines.

Key Benefits

  • Radically simple storage designed for virtual machines
  • Hypervisor-converged storage software creates a high-performance, persistent storage tier
  • Significantly reduced TCO by up to 50%
  • Integrated with VMware stack
  • Flash-optimized architecture for compelling price/performance
  • Low upfront investment; grow as you go with granular linear scaling of performance, capacity, and cost
  • Rapid storage provisioning and automated, self-tuning ongoing management
  • Single pane of glass management with vSphere
  • Backed by VMware support and all major server OEMs

Key Features and Capabilities

Hypervisor-Converged Storage Software—Virtual SAN is embedded in the vSphere kernel. This unique characteristic of Virtual SAN makes integration with vSphere seamless and enables best performance and scalability.

VM-Centric Policy-Based Management—Storage requirements are associated with individual virtual machines or virtual disks in the form of policy statements. Virtual SAN automatically translates these policy statements into system configurations to instantly provision storage with the right SLAs.

Server-Side Read/Write Caching—Virtual SAN minimizes storage latency by accelerating read/write disk I/O traffic with built-in caching on enterprise-grade server-side flash technology.

Built-in Failure Tolerance—Virtual SAN leverages distributed RAID and cache mirroring to ensure that data is never lost if a disk, host, or network fails.

Single Pane of Glass Management with vSphere—Virtual SAN removes the need for training on specialized storage interfaces or the overhead of operating them. Provisioning is now as easy as two clicks.

Granular Nondisruptive Scale-Up or Scale-Out—You can easily and nondisruptively expand the capacity of the Virtual SAN datastore by adding hosts to a cluster or disks to a host.

Hardware Independence—Virtual SAN can be deployed on hardware from any server manufacturer. This gives you the flexibility to build out customized storage systems in heterogeneous hardware environments.

Interoperability with VMware Stack—Virtual SAN leverages vSphere snapshots, vSphere clones, VMware vSphere® Data Protection™, and vSphere Replication for data protection, backup, rapid cloning, and disaster-recovery (DR) purposes. Virtual SAN interoperates with vCloud Automation Center and vCenter™ Operations Management Suite™ and can be deployed in conjunction with VMware® Horizon View™ in VDI environments and vCenter Site Recovery Manager in DR environments.

Why Choose Virtual SAN?

Simple—Virtual SAN is the first policy-driven storage product that simplifies how storage is provisioned and managed. It gives you a new way to manage storage by automating many of today’s manual tasks. The new model doesn’t involve LUNs or RAID configurations and removes the need for manual adjustments.

High Performance—By using server-side flash technology, Virtual SAN enables true server-side read/write caching. The solution optimizes the I/O data path to maximize throughput and minimize latency. And because it is embedded in the VMware® ESXi™ kernel, it is a truly unique solution that delivers better performance than a virtual appliance or an external device.

Lower TCO—Virtual SAN lowers TCO by up to 50%. Because it uses enterprise-grade HDDs and SSDs to create a converged and resilient SAN-like storage tier within the hypervisor, the price/performance value of Virtual SAN is unmatched by any other VSA or midrange hybrid array.

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