Airwatch by VMware

Protect Sensitive Information

Encrypt Data at Rest and in Transit

Secure Government Mobility

Mobility is changing how government agencies operate inside and outside agency walls. Civilian federal agencies are looking to mobile to transform the workplace, while high defense organizations are concerned with mobile device security. Implementing a secure mobility strategy enables government officials to reinforce productivity, efficiency, and responsiveness while maintaining compliance with industry regulations.


Protect Critical Data and Information

AirWatch by VMware enables government agencies—civilian and defense—to secure sensitive information and access the content, apps, and resources necessary to perform their jobs.

Meet Government Standards

AirWatch Mobile Device Management Software 6.5 Security Technical Implementation Guide (STIG), Version 1 is approved by the Defense Information Systems Agency’s (DISA) Field Service Operations division. This validates that AirWatch meets the security requirements for installation on Department of Defense (DOD) networks. AirWatch also meets Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) Publication 140-2 compliance standards to ensure confidential data is protected.

Airwatch Empowers Productivity

Government agencies embrace mobility to enhance productivity. With the increase in the number of mobile devices and applications used by government workers, IT administrators are challenged to meet public sector security requirements. AirWatch helps government agencies address security concerns surrounding enterprise mobility, tight budgets, and resource constraints to empower productivity.

The Future of Government Mobility: A Video Interview with
Paul Brubaker

In the following video, a former DOD director discusses his vision for the mobile device-enabled future of the U.S. government. Paul Brubaker, who spent more than 25 years in technology-related roles on Capitol Hill, now leads AirWatch's U.S. Federal Government team. His deep knowledge of government IT, coupled with his passion for new technologies, gives him a unique perspective on how mobile enablement can change government processes for the better.