Docking Stations


Targus Docking Stations allow you to make the most of your workspace with seamless connectivity for all of your accessories.

Unshackle latent productivity with 21st Century Universal Docking technology from Targus. 

• Freedom with brand agnostic solutions 

• Future proof your infrastructure 

• Allows for IT flexibility

Support Business Trends 

More IT departments are introducing and supporting multi-OEM notebooks. Do you have the freedom to introduce a multiple notebook brand strategy?

Growth in BYOD/CYOD 

Do you have the freedom to integrate multi-devices like tablets and support the bring your own/choose your own device trends?

Cost-Efficient Work Environments

Lower TCO through reduction of real estate and shared workspaces. Do you have the freedom to introduce Hot-Desking environments to save on costs?

Next-Generation Connectivity

Devices are getting smaller and thinner, creating connectivity challenges. Do you have the freedom to integrate the latest technology without hindering connectivity?

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