Training and Professional Services from Microsoft

Microsoft Training and Professional Services

Technology in education is about more than a device or software. Empower teachers with great training and professional development. The Educator Network, is a global community of educators who discover the most innovative teaching practices to bring to your classroom. Offerings include:

  • A range of world-class, research-based professional development programs
  • Online communities and discussion boards
  • Exclusive recognition programs for innovative educators

Microsoft Partners in Learning Network Overview

With the Partners in Learning Network, teachers share advice, discover best practices, post examples of student learning projects, learn new ways to utilize technology in the classroom, and gain unparalleled access to education experts. They connect with peers around the world and create new communities dedicated to innovative teaching, learning, and professional development.

  • Thousands of user generated learning activities
  • Community discussions
  • Access to free tools and tutorials
  • Dynamic personal profile
  • Recognition, reward badge system
  • Free Teacher professional development resources
  • Lessons plans
  • Tutorials
  • Windows in the classroom workshops

Microsoft offers free professional development for faculty and staff, on-demand courses on “Teaching with Technology,” live seminars such as using Windows in the Classroom, and provides the online Microsoft Educator Network.

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Building Capacity

Microsoft Online Training

Microsoft provides professional development to help educators take new approaches to teaching and learning using technology to help students develop 21st century skills. Examples include:

  • Envisioning Workshops
  • Partners in Learning Schools Programs
  • Peer Coaching and Mentoring
  • Virtual University Seminars

Growing Learning Communities

In online communities or at events, with Microsoft Partners in Learning, teachers can collaborate with their colleagues all over the world with the opportunity to join a global community dedicated to improving education.

  • Higher Education Initiatives: Academic Summits, the Teacher Education Initiative, and the Higher Education Consortium.
  • Partners in Learning Global Forum: The annual Microsoft Partners in Learning Global Forum celebrates the world's most innovative educators and school leaders for bringing technology to life in the classroom.
  • Partners in Learning Network: a global community of educators who value the innovative use of information and communication technology to improve learning outcomes.
  • Teacher Training Programs: a wide range of professional development opportunities for educators.

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