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Microsoft combines the tools and applications for teachers and students into a single package that supports a 21st century learning experience.

Your Classroom in the Cloud

Office 365

Classrooms contain unlimited potential; Office 365 helps bring it to life.

Office 365

Combines powerful productivity apps and cloudbased collaboration services making anytime, anywhere learning a reality by allowing learners and educators to work and collaborate both in and away from the classroom.

Documents, presentations, notes, data, Microsoft Office available online and offline on any device
Social threaded discussions and traditional email, calendar and contact management
Class assignments, homework, and group project sites with voice, video, screen sharing and recording
Access work from any connected device and control teacher, student, and parent access to files


Ideas and inspiration can come from anywhere, but they all end up in OneNote.


The ultimate organization and collaboration tool for education. Take notes in searchable, customizable notebooks using digital ink, a keyboard or voice.

One place to collect all your notes from web pages, pictures, in class, and more
Your voice, your video, pictures and your ideas any time and anywhere with mobile and tablet versions
Sketch over images, pictures and slides and search your handwriting and text in pictures to find your best ideas
Notebooks, sections, pages help keep your classes, projects and research at your fingertips from anywhere


It's a big world of information out there - search safely with Bing.


Tailor the search experience for students by removing all advertisements from search results, enhancing privacy protections, and filtering out adult content. It also adds specialized learning features to enhance digital literacy.


Provide students with a safe and protected search environment and teachers with daily digital literacy lesson plans


Searching with bing on Tablet

Daily lesson plans to help your students learn digital literacy and critical thinking skills


Teach your child how to more safely and effectively search the web


Search the web to find what you want in a safe environment, with ad-free search results, SafeSearch filtering and enhanced privacy protections

Bing Brings the Best Search Results

Ad-Free - Removes all ads from the search experience

Private - Prevents the creation of personalized ad profiles

Safe - Filters adult content by locking on SafeSearch Strict


Travel around the world with 70,000+ other classrooms on a virtual field trip.

Skype in the Classroom

Make the world your classroom by enabling seamless communication and collaboration. Inspire students to do group-based learning activities, experience guest lecturers, and take virtual field trips.

All your documents, all your content, all your projects, OneDrive, everywhere.


Kids Using Skype on Microsoft Tablet

Enable students, teachers and parents to access their files anywhere, anytime, including on smartphones and shared devices. Provides file storage and collaboration in the cloud with seamless integration into Windows 8.

OneDrive is free online storage that comes with your Microsoft account. It's like an extra hard drive that's available from any of the devices you use.

Amazing Apps

Constantly redefine what’s possible with new Education Apps launching every day. Take your class to the library without leaving the building. Thousands of apps (like these) make for thousands of ways to inspire students and support teachers.

Office 365 services also include:

Office Online

Combines Office features with the power of real-time co-authoring to easily collaborate on shared documents, presentations, spreadsheets, and notebooks from anywhere, across multiple device types, while using the web.

Windows Intune

Helps maintain a more reliable and secure environment with app, device, and security management as a cloud-based (online) service. Schools can manage devices anywhere, with or without on premise infrastructures.

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