Microsoft Surface - The Most Productive Devices for Education

The Most Productive Devices for Education

Surface brings all the best tools for teaching and learning together in one device. It has the full power of a laptop in a lightweight touchscreen tablet form. And, with best-in-class digital inking capabilities, Surface can replace pen and paper in your classroom.

Pen and Paper, Evolved

Surface provides a precise, on-screen digital pen input that enhances student learning through handwritten note taking. It allows students to more accurately express their ideas and gives them the freedom to solve complex problems and equations.

Any Learner, Any Age

Cater to any learning style or any age with one device. Create personalized learning experiences for each student through all forms of learning activities—reading, writing, presenting, recording, touching, and typing.

Embrace the Modern Teaching Experience

The digital classroom has arrived. Surface gives education professionals the tools they need to make learning interactive and inspiring.

  • Ideas comes to life with Surface Pen, and students excel. Science scores increase by up to 36% when students think in digital ink.
  • Presentations and essays are clearer thanks to Surface's HD screens: text reads like the printed page, and images stand out.

Microsoft Surface

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