Surface in Higher Education

The Most Productive Devices for Students

Students can be more productive with Surface than with their tablet, laptops, and all those spiral notebooks combined. Taking notes in class, studying for an exam, and collaborating on a group project just got easier. And, using the Surface Pen, students can do more digitally than ever before.
Surface in Higher Education

See What Sets Surface Apart

Surface Is Designed for Windows and Office.

Windows 10

Windows 10 is the most secure Windows ever, providing enhanced safeguards against malware and malicious websites. Windows Hello facial recognition and fingerprint reader bypasses passwords for fast and secure sign-in.

Office 365

Office 365 provides the ultimate in productivity tools, and collaboration has never been easier with co-authoring and Web apps.

Runs the software professors rely on, including:

Bing in the classroom
Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Diagram
Agile, Responsive, and Mobile
  • Illustrate concepts with best-in-class digital ink
  • Take searchable, handwritten notes
  • Speed through grading
All your favorite productivity apps at one place
  • Shift from tablet to laptop and work however you like
  • Lecture with a thin, light, premium device
  • Stay organized with fewer devices and less paper
  • Augment lecture concepts with stunning, full HD
Security and Compatibility
  • State-of-the-art security helps keep research safe
  • Access all your data and software on one device
  • Long-lasting battery helps you power through the day
Student with Surface Tablet
“I love my Surface because it’s made my life a lot easier. It really is a tablet, a laptop, a desktop…it’s everything.”
- Melissa DeCapaua
Nursing Student

The Most Portable and the Most Powerful

Surface Pro 4

Powered by Windows 10, the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 turns from a tablet into a full powered laptop while running all of your desktop software. It is the proportions of a sheet of paper so that it feels familiar in your hands, and goes from tablet to laptop in a snap with the multi-position kickstand and improved keyboard.

Surface Book

Surface Book is the ultimate way to get the versatility of a laptop and a tablet in one device. With exceptional performance that’s engineered to run Windows and Office perfectly, Surface Book is the best way to experience all of the advanced technology from Microsoft.

Surface in Higher Education

Not sure which Surface solution is right for you? We can help.

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