Microsoft Surface - Prepare for the Digital Transformation

Microsoft Surface Is Built for Mobility and Collaboration

The government landscape is changing. This is not a digital disruption—it’s a digital transformation. Globally, government CIOs estimate that 44% of business processes are now undergoing digital change, with 62% to be impacted within two years and 80% within five years.*

Microsoft Surface

Government leaders look to enhanced technology—and its ability to help them get an aggregated perspective of what’s going on in their agency—to enhance their decision making abilities. This can include situational awareness, citizen input, budgets, and data from multiple/diverse information sources.

During this transformation, mobility and collaboration are paramount. Modern governments seek to empower field workers with enriched mobile experiences across devices so they can stay in sync while working in the field, and so that remote government workers have the flexibility to work from virtually anywhere, anytime.

With the transition to a more mobile and collaborative environment comes new vulnerabilities, increased regulation, and increasing security budgets. Data breaches of government information can be costly and damaging to a government’s trustworthiness and reliability.

Microsoft Surface Offers a Secure Solution

Windows 10 helps safeguard your agency before a breach happens—and helps you respond to a breach when one occurs. Windows 10 is the most secure operating system Microsoft has ever built. It delivers more protection—including anti-virus, firewall, and anti-phishing technologies—for the supported lifetime of your device. This means more security features and ongoing updates to help safeguard you against current and future threats and lower costs.

Surface devices can utilize Surface Enterprise Management Mode to control which features are disabled on the device and which add more security. Physical access to the PC is required, and a secondary layer of protection—which can only be managed locally by an admin—can further restrict access via networks.

Windows 10: the most secure Windows ever - PROTECT, DETECT, and RESPOND

Microsoft Windows 10 Secure Host Baseline

Have you been tasked with achieving compliance with the Department of Defense mandate for a rapid deployment and transition to Microsoft Windows 10 Secure Host Baseline (SHB)? Discover how Connection and Microsoft can help you meet this directive on schedule and on budget with the latest Microsoft Surface devices. Contact an Account Manager for ADMC2-specific contract pricing.

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*Gartner, “Gartner Survey Reveals Government Digital Transformation at Embryonic Stage”