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Make the Shift to Windows 10 Education Devices

Windows 7 PCs won't get security updates after January 14, 2020. It’s time to make the shift to Windows 10. Get more done anywhere, integrate easily with the IT you already own and use, and help secure your school district with the most advanced protection on Windows 10 education devices, starting at only $199.
Make the shift to Windows 10 Education Devices

Windows 10 Facts You May Not Know

Why Do Teachers Need Windows 10?
FACT #1: Windows 10 can assist teachers with built-in support for interactive tools like digital pens and learning apps. Tools like the FREE Microsoft Immersive Reader can increase student performance.
Why Do Schools Need More than Standard Security?
FACT #2: With strong protection built into Windows 10, school IT departments report spending up to 34% less time handling security issues.
Is Windows 10 Difficult to Learn?
FACT #3: With a start menu similar to Windows 7, Windows 10 is easy to use and supports 99% of Windows 7 applications.
How Much Do New Windows 10 Devices Cost?
FACT #4: New, rugged Windows 10 device for Education start at $199 with pen and ink, costs only about $100 more!

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Support for Windows 7 will end on January 14, 2020. Make the shift to Windows 10 Education Devices, designed specifically for education.