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Teach the Way You Want with Digital Inking

Teaching is a tough job, and it becomes tougher when the tools don’t fit the job. Pen and paper have been critical tools for teaching and learning since the dawn of formalized education systems. With the introduction of computers into the classroom, teachers are struggling to balance between digital and analog curriculum and teaching materials. Tablets like Surface with an active pen give educators the freedom to teach the way they want.



What is "digital ink,"
and how is it different from a touchscreen tablet?

The Surface Pen is an active pen with a battery and a chip that interacts with a digitizer component on the Surface screen. The result is an experience that feels like true pen on paper in terms of accuracy, sensitivity, and latency. A normal touchscreen tablet only allows for "finger painting" type inking.


IDC White Paper

IDC recently completed a survey with educators about the impact of digital ink tablets in their classrooms. 93% of educators say digital inking allows them to improve the quality of materials and curriculum for instructions and activities.

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Oviatt White Paper

Sharon Oviatt, a well-respected researcher on computer interfaces, published a study on the impact of handwriting on student learning.

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Surface and Pen Are Great in the Classroom

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