Education and Lenovo

Those Who Do IT

Lenovo has teamed with Microsoft to provide aggressive pre-approved
pricing to U.S. public K–12 customers.

Lenovo Shape the Future and Education Solutions

Lenovo is proud to partner with Microsoft on their Shape the Future initiative which aims to advance society through education by putting technology in the hands of students and teachers.

Through this partnership, Lenovo and Microsoft are able to provide a select list of products at reduced rates for your K–12 public school customers. Connection has been given special pre-approved pricing by Lenovo on these products. This pre-approved pricing is more aggressive than their normal Topseller pricing.


Lenovo's Commitment to Education

  • Technology Leadership, Quality, and Reliability
    • Lowest industry failure rates
    • Best end-user experience

  • Comprehensive Solutions and Services
    • Deliver a complete solution for education
    • Service and support to meet education needs
    • Optimized to drive down operational costs 
    • Ease of Doing Business

  • Ease of Doing Business
    • No two school districts are exactly alike
    • No two solutions are exactly alike

  • Execution on Commitments
    • We will own and execute on our commitments

Lenovo in the Classroom

Call a Connection Account Manager today for models and final pricing from your Shape the Future discount at 1.800.800.0019.