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Make the Shift to Windows 10

Welcome to Chaos

Adopting new technology is often a matter of timing, as organizations work to get every last ounce of functionality from legacy hardware and software before upgrading. However, the business-critical improvements and features of Windows 10 can help propel innovation and increase efficiencies that impact the bottom line—benefits you can’t afford to put on the backburner indefinitely. The time is now, and Connection is here to help. With a team of dedicated experts standing by to provide you with expert advice, alongside a one-of-a-kind demo offering, Connection delivers the tools you need to succeed.



Learn How to Fight Chaos

Learn about the benefits of making the shift to Windows 10 Pro and the increased security opportunities provided by modern Lenovo devices, ThinkShield, and the Intel® vPro™ platform.

Operation Chaos

Learn how ThinkShield, Windows 10 Pro, and Intel vPRO can protect your business and data.
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Why Lenovo

Learn How Lenovo's modern devices, built on the Intel vPro platform, bring out the best of Windows 10 Pro.
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Intel vPRO Platform

Providing peace of mind for over a decade. Learn more about what vPro can do for you.
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Lenovo ThinkShield

Meet The World's Most Comprehensive Digital Security Suite.
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Lenovo Demo Program

Discover the Difference for Yourself

Not all devices are created equal, and no one wants to prove that more than Lenovo. Whether your needs include convertibles, traditionals, or workstations, Lenovo’s mobile solutions portfolio offers the choices that keep business moving. Partnered with Lenovo and Intel, Connection offers a special 30-day demonstration bundle that covers several different types and models, allowing you to find the best fits for your teams—for FREE. Even better, shipping is included.

Contact one of our Lenovo experts for more information on this program and how to get started.