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Ensure a Successful Transition with Dell

With the release of Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2, many organizations have started to evaluate the benefits and challenges of transitioning to the new platform. This is especially true for those still running Windows Server 2003—Microsoft is discontinuing support for Windows Server 2003 in July 2015—so now is the perfect time to plan your move and avoid any server management, performance, security, and compliance issues.

Simplify the Migration Process

Make certain your consolidation and migration project is a success. Dell Software can help you plan and efficiently move to Windows Server 2012 R2, and effectively secure and manage your new environment.

Zero Impact on Your Business

Migration Manager for Active Directory® and File Servers empowers you to efficiently migrate and restructure Active Directory, and gives migrated and un-migrated users secure access to critical server resources after data is moved. In doing so, Migration Manager promotes security and compliance in the new Windows Server 2012 environment, and ensures no disruption to your business. To hear more about Migration Manager, listen to this podcast.

ChangeBASE is the fastest and easiest way to ensure application readiness. Avoiding disruption during application upgrades is essential. Application compatibility failures are time-consuming, expensive, and complex. Whether you’re migrating to Windows 7, applying monthly Microsoft Patch Tuesday updates, or adopting new application virtualization technologies like App-V, ThinApp, XenApp, or SWV—ensuring application compatibility is the biggest hurdle to success.

ChangeBASE reduces application migration risk and ensures application readiness. You can automate application compatibility testing, application remediation, application packaging, and application virtualization to accelerate patch updates or deployments to a new platform.

ChangeBASE provides a wide range of reports that make it easy to find and fix compatibility issues in minutes, package them, and get your applications up and running quickly with minimal effort. This way, you can reduce the time and risk of ongoing system management.

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Ensure a Smooth Transition with Dell

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