#GenMobile - How a new group is changing the way we work, live and communicate

Aruba Networks #GenMobile

Aruba empowers a new generation of tech-savvy users who rely on their mobile devices for every aspect of work and personal communication. Known as #GenMobile, they connect to everything all the time, no matter where they are.

With Aruba’s Mobility-Defined Networks, you can rightsize your fixed network infrastructure, which saves IT time, slashes capital costs, and accelerates the delivery of network services—empowering your company to support a new generation of tech-savvy users.

By rightsizing with Aruba and Connection, you can help reduce wired connections and save up to 76% in network infrastructure costs. This savings can be redirected towards building the next-gen mobility infrastructure.

Aruba Networks is a leading provider of next-generation network access solutions for the mobile enterprise. The company’s Mobile Virtual Enterprise (MOVE) architecture unifies wired and wireless network infrastructures into one seamless access solution for corporate headquarters, mobile business professionals, remote workers, and guests. This unified approach to access networks dramatically improves productivity and lowers capital and operational costs.

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