Point of Care

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Improve Patient Care and Cut Costs with Instant Access to Information

Every day you face the question, "How can I elevate the overall quality of patient care while visibly lowering associated costs?" One solution is improving access to critical patient information at the point of care.

In order to provide the highest quality care, physicians need instant access to a wealth of diagnostic information: charts, digital images, test results, lab work, and more. Nurses need to quickly find patient records and make live updates as medications and other treatments are administered. Plus, there are patient consent forms and releases that must be kept confidential and processed as quickly as possible.

By implementing fixed and mobile solutions that better facilitate the flow of information at the point of care, you can speed diagnosis, deliver faster and more precise treatment, and enable your staff to address more patients in less time. And with the quality and quantity of care improved, you'll have the ROI justification needed for new equipment.

Point-of-care solutions include a broad range of technologies: everything from diagnostic-quality monitors and handheld PCs used in your facilities, to remote terminals and imaging equipment for the ongoing care of patients once they return home. Tablet PCs and slates replace paper forms with digital versions that can upload signatures and data directly and accuratelyright from the bedside. Previously time-consuming tasks, like retaking histories, can be reduced or eliminated by point-of-care solutions that provide secure, reliable access to patients' electronic health records (EHRs).

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