Tablet & Slate


Mobility is everywhere and your PC needs to be mobile as well.

Mobility is everywhere and your PC needs to be mobile as well. A tablet computer is simply put a one-piece computer primarily operated by a touchscreen. The simple touch of ones fingertips has replaced the need for the mouse and keyboard hardware components required to operate a desktop or laptop. In most tablets you still have the options of connecting a mouse or hardware keyboard via a wireless link or USB port. Tablets come in a variety of sizes with the smallest LCD screens still out sizing the largest smartphones or personal digital assistant (PDA). Keeping the weight to a minimal amount of usually 1-3 lbs. per device makes carrying, using and storing one easy and comfortable for the end user. Battery life in tablets can range up to 8, and sometimes even 10 hours depending upon amount of use, and application requirements on the battery. In harsh industrial environments, often times a ruggedized tablet is a good fit. IT can easily manage and secure a tablet with a MDM (Mobile Device Management) tool such as MobileIron.

To learn more about how you can implement, secure or purchase tablets and slates for your organization please contact your account manager or Gretchen Jakway, Mobile Point of Care Solution Manager at 910-515-7007.