Smart Phones

smartphones A Smartphone is a unique way to allow for on-the-go clinicians to stay in touch with staff, colleagues and be reachable; all the while managing patient data and reviewing documentation.

Tablets & Slates

Tablets_tile A tablet computer is simply put a one-piece computer primarily operated by a touchscreen. The simple touch of ones fingertips has replaced the need for the mouse and keyboard.

Mobile Clinical Assistant

Mobile_Assessment_tile The Mobile Clinical Assistant (MCA) enables a nurse to move about freely and  attend to patients needs effectively all while having the connectivity needed to manage patient data and medication administration.

Convertible Ultrabook

convertible_ultrabook_tile Often times clinicians need both the convenience and mobility of a tablet with the functionality of a laptop.  A Convertible Ultrabook brings both the tablet and the laptop together in one place.


Ultrabooks_tile Designed to be lightweight, without compromising performance and battery life, the uni-body and solid state drive Ultrabook is a great choice among healthcare workers when a tablet or desktop is not suitable.


netbooks_tile Netbooks are a great solution for the individual that doesn’t need the robust resources of a full laptop or tablet but still needs to stay connected. Portability for that worker is key in being both efficient and effect in their role.


laptops_tile Ranging in size from a small netbook of 12-inches to a 17-inch or larger powerhouse, laptops are designed to provide the same performance as the desktop but housed in a mobile design.

Computer on Wheels

computer_wheels_tile When choosing a hospital computer cart system, size, maneuverability, ergonomics and battery life are all important. The cart allows for technology at the point of care as well as medication administration, patient documentation and pharmacy requirements.

Clinical Device Assessment


Our CDA is an ideal way to refresh and deploy the technology devices required to move your organization to the next stage of EHR meaningful use.