Perfect for the individual that doesn't need the robust resources of a full laptop but still needs to be connected.

Netbooks are a great solution for the individual that doesn’t need the robust resources of a full laptop or tablet but still needs to stay connected. Portability for that worker is key in being both efficient and effect in their role. Netbooks are both compact and portable. With an Intel Atom processor, you have a choice of operating systems like Windows Starter Edition to Ubuntu, which doesn’t run Windows Apps and therefore eliminates Windows viruses. The Atom processor draws less on the device battery allowing for longer usage time and less interruptions to recharge. Smaller than your traditional laptop, Netbooks normally have a 10-inch screen with matching scaled keyboards. Although this unit is not recommended for large photo or video files it is a great tool for the worker who needs to accomplish simple tasks like Web browsing or word-processing on the go. The Netbook is cost effective to fit almost every budget.

To learn more about how you can implement, secure or purchase Netbooks for your organization please contact your account manager or Gretchen Jakway, Mobile Point of Care Solution Manager at 910-515-7007.