Mobile Clinical Assistant


Move about freely while still have the connectivity to manage patient data and medication administration.

Your nursing staff has a lot on their cart, from bar code scanners to thin clients or laptops to medications draws. This makes being mobile for their patients a challenge. The Mobile Clinical Assistant (MCA) enables a nurse to move about freely and attend to patients needs effectively all while having the connectivity needed to manage patient data and medication administration. The MCA is a handheld device that incorporates touchscreen technology, a spill resistant exterior, is easily disinfected and withstands minor drops all while allowing nurses to collect and access patient data. Built specifically for healthcare with a focus on the needs and workflow of patient care, this device brings several tools together in one spot. Electronic medical records and other clinical software applications are key focus area for MCA units. Combined with ability to add items like barcode scanning and RFDI readers this device is a one-stop solution to a nurse’s workflow.

To learn more about how you can implement, secure or purchase Mobile Clinical Assistance for your organization please contact your account manager or Gretchen Jakway, Mobile Point of Care Solution Manager at 910-515-7007.