Providing mobility, accessibility and portability to the very on-the-go healthcare worker

Gone are the days of being stationary at a desk with a bulky computer and monitor to accomplish your daily tasks. Laptops provide mobility, accessibility and portability to on-the-go healthcare professionals. Ranging in size from a small netbook of 12-inches to a 17-inch or larger powerhouse, laptops are designed to provide the same performance as the desktop but housed in a mobile design. Reducing footprints on work surfaces is an ideal way for traveling workers to stay connected. This device is the perfect tool for your organization to manage and secure data and increase performance. Combined with a powered medical cart, the laptop becomes essential for the clinical staff to provide care from a single point. Robust hard drives, and fast Intel processors make even the smallest laptop fast and efficient when accessing things like data and images. Standard connectivity and power adapters make recharging a breeze and staying on task a breeze.

To learn more about how you can implement, secure or purchase laptops for your organization please contact your account manager or Gretchen Jakway, Mobile Point of Care Solution Manager at 910-515-7007.