Beyond the Chalkboard
21st Century Classroom Technology

21st Century Classroom Technology

Connection can help you seamlessly integrate all the latest technology into your K–12 classrooms and schools to create productive learning experiences for all students. We can also help you become comfortable and familiar with these new technologies. Exceed your potential – whether you’ve been in the classroom for two years or twenty-five. Advance your students’ learning with 21st century classroom technology!

Notebooks and Tablets

Classroom Technology - Notebooks and Tablets

Get more with advanced classroom technology. Promote creativity, problem solving, communication, and analytical thinking ... in and out of the classroom.


21st Century Classroom - Desktop Computers

With great computing comes great education. 21st century classroom technology solutions enable a far greater level of learning than ever before.


Classroom Technology - Printers

Pages with Prestige: Spread inspiration using the printers of tomorrow – an integral part of 21st century classroom technology.

Video and Cameras

21st Century Classroom - Video and Cameras

Use these tools for your multimedia lab or use them to capture those teachable – and often funny – moments in the 21st century classroom.

Projectors and Displays

Classroom Technology - Projectors and Displays

Enhance their point of view with powerful projectors and crystal-clear displays. This isn't your mother's chalkboard.


21st Century Classroom - Wireless Solutions

All the wireless tools to provide your school with seamless, easily integrated networks that get the right message across – every time.


Classroom Technology - Software

Help them meet your high expectations with software for every diverse topic and learning style.


21st Century Classroom - Network Infrastructure

Servers, storage, battery backup. Everything you need to run the back end of your 21st century school.


Classroom Technology - Computer Accessories

Flash drives, document cameras, docking stations, etc. All the little things that help integrate your classroom.