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I need service for my computer:

Case I. "I have a service plan."

   a. I have a ServiceConnection extended warranty plan
       For service call 1-800-800-0021, press option 1, press option 1 again

   b. I have a ServiceNet extended warranty plan
       For service call 1-800-941-9818

   c. I have a manufacturer's extended warranty plan or are not sure what plan I have
       For service, reference your service contract for the number to call. If you
       do not have the number or you are not sure what kind of plan you have,
       contact your Account manager at 1-800-800-0014.

Case II. "I don't have a service plan."

   a. Buy a plan
       Refer to sales line 1-800-800-0014

   b. To schedule a repair without a plan, follow directions on the Customer Care Repair Page.

   c. For non-technical help call customer care 
       For assistance with general questions, contact our Customer Care Center.

       Phone Support:
       M-F 8:30am to 6:00pm

       E-mail Support: