VMware vSphere Health Check
          Nearly 25% of organizations consider Management, Monitoring, Availability, and DR as critical pieces of the data center.

          VMware vSphere Health Check

          Get in Tune with a VMware vSphere Health Check

          You’ve made a significant investment to virtualize your computing environment with VMware vSphere. Now let our experts help you make the most with a VMware vSphere Health Check.

          Leverage Virtualization and Beat Sprawl

          The benefits of virtualization include cost savings, operational efficiencies, and consolidation. Virtualization is a fundamental shift in how infrastructures are architected, provisioned, managed, and operated. But virtual machine (VM) sprawl can create bigger infrastructure problems down the line. Virtualize IT and control sprawl with a VMware vSphere Health Check.

          Identify, Remediate, Optimize

          Virtualization sprawl occurs when administrators can no longer effectively manage the number of VMs on a network. Organizations can easily deal with warning signs, since one symptom doesn’t necessarily indicate sprawl. But, identifying symptoms is critical to prevent future sprawl. Our VMware Certified Professional (VCP) consultants can work with your team to provide best-practice guidance for identifying and remedying symptoms, and optimizing VMware vSphere.

          Reap the Rewards

          Use our VMware vSphere Health Check to:

          • Analyze your current configuration
          • Mitigate potential risks
          • Maximize your resources and improve efficiencies

          What You Need

          • Existing VMware vSphere environment
          • Service account or vCenter access
          • Local administrative rights

          Reduce IT and Simplify Management

          We make it easy for you. We offer the following packaged services:

          • Tier 1—Up to four hosts, one vCenter, and one cluster
          • Tier 2—Up to eight hosts, one vCenter, and up to two clusters
          • Tier 3—Up to 16 hosts, one vCenter, and up to two clusters

          Make the most with a VMware vSphere Health Check.  Download our brochure today.

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