VDI Proof-of-Concept Appliance
          VDI Proof-of-Concept Appliance
          Only 15% of organizations have not pursued a data center modernization strategy.

          VDI Proof-of-Concept Appliance

          Start Your Journey to VDI with Confidence

          More than ever, IT departments want to realize the benefits of desktop virtualization-cost savings, ease of management, improve security, and platform independence. The first step is to evaluate how applications would perform in your environment. Start your journey to VDI with confidence.

          Begin with a Proof of Concept Appliance

          A proof of concept (POC) often presents challenges with finding and/or acquiring appropriate hardware, and finding available IT staff for setup and support. To meet these challenges, Connection has developed a POC Appliance (POCA) that ships pre-staged with a complete VDI environment. With a POCA, organizations can immediately begin testing applications in their own environment. As applications are enabled and tested, an analytics tool captures and quantifies infrastructure effects—critical for the success of VDI in your organization.

          The First Step Is Knowing the Last Step

          Before beginning a VDI POC, it’s important to define and document the criteria for success. We’ll help you define that critical success criteria, pinpoint concerns, and remediate issues.

          Testing and Demonstration

          Our VMware Certified Professional engineers will provide assistance and training during the appliance start-up, offer support during the 45-day POC, and help with the appliance shut down. Once the POC is up and running, we will teach you how to install applications into the master image, provision desktop pools for testing, and demonstrate your acceptance criteria.

          Analytics Is Key

          Understanding what’s happening in your infrastructure, while the POC is running, is critical to deciding whether VDI is a good environmental fit. Our reports provide an accurate way to measure how an application affects the underlying infrastructure. We can monitor performance data, validate quantitative results, and assess your environment before and after a specified time period to compare application and group consumption.

          Realize the benefits of desktop virtualization with confidence.  Download our VDI POCA brochure today.

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