Infrastructure(IaaS) & Platform(PaaS) as a Service

          Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS)

          Today, many organizations want to free themselves from maintaining at least some level of their infrastructure. Owning and maintaining a data center has physical and security requirements that are becoming increasingly complex to manage. At the physical level, organizations need to maintain their servers and storage arrays, as well as their power generators and daily backup logistics. Additionally, executives need to take more personal ownership for any security breaches; all while regulations like PCI and HIPAA continue to put additional demands on IT. Furthermore, HR is finding it increasingly difficult to hire, recruit, and train people qualified to keep up with these changes. For these reasons, many organizations are starting to reconsider what IT core competencies should remain in their organization and which are best suited to move to the cloud.

          Opportunities and Challenges

          One of the challenges an organization faces is to find the time to step away from their day-to-day operations and design a go-forward strategy. An overwhelming majority of IT professionals say their time is mainly focused on just trying to maintain and keep their systems running. Another challenge is to evaluate all the options available. Timely and well-organized information about all the solutions is needed to decide which one is the best fit.

          Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) is the true foundation for cloud computing: vast resource pools in globe-spanning data center environments, shared and consumed on-demand by companies of all sizes. Platform as a Service (PaaS) combines the multi-tenant shared resource pools of public cloud infrastructure with an added layer of tools, operating systems, applications, and other services. A PaaS deployment provides baseline service architecture with the ability to accelerate application deployment based on its pre-built nature. Platform as a Service offers highly streamlined and efficient provisioning and management of cloud environments, where everything is managed and maintained by the provider.

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          Working Together to Meet Your Cloud Storage Needs

          Our Cloud Practice helps you discern, design, and deliver the best cloud computing solutions for your business. There are no one-size-fits-all versions of any cloud technology. That’s why we view cloud computing technologies as raw materials you can combine in multiple ways to achieve your desired business outcomes. We have deep partnerships with best-of-breed providers in every cloud category—from private cloud to software as a service. Our goal is to deliver the right solutions to meet your business needs.

          We have built a robust Cloud Practice with vendor partners who passed a rigorous vetting process. We ensure their organizations are stable, their products are secure, and their solutions are industry relevant. We understand their strengths and weaknesses, and it’s only after they clear our checkpoints that we bring them into our practice. Our research and clearance process saves you time and helps you narrow down your choices quickly.

          Our Partnerships

          Our understanding of IaaS and PaaS is deep. While we remain agnostic, we are extremely knowledgeable across many leading industry technologies. Our partnerships include industry experts like HOSTING, NaviSite, RapidScale, Windstream, Microsoft, Rackspace, ViaWest, Datapipe, CenturyLink, Peak 10, QTS, and EvolveIP.

          Our Consultative and Professional Services

          We offer an in-house consulting methodology, based on our deep experience working with organizations of all sizes in different industries. Our Cloud Practice works closely with our Converged Data Center Practice to discern, design, and deliver your Iaas and PaaS solutions, so you can leverage the best of on-premises, off-premises, and hybrid options and leverage current technologies.

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