Disk Arrays & Storage Networking
          Enterprise Disk Arrays and Storage Networking
          Organizations spend 70% of their budgets maintaining old equipment.

          Disk Arrays & Storage Networking

          The New IT Landscape

          The need for efficient, reliable, and cost-effective storage solutions has never been greater. Today’s IT departments face competing demands to increase storage capacity, boost performance, and reduce costs per gigabyte.

          Additionally, runaway data growth is the new reality. Managing data is an ever-present challenge. As the amount of data users create continues to grow, so does the need for a storage environment that operates at maximum efficiency. With tighter security regulations, records retention, and the need for better storage management, organizations need to get a handle on their storage.

          To achieve success, organizations need to be able to capture data, analyze it, process it, extract the valuable knowledge from it, and then make business decisions and deliver results in real time. That is going to be the new IT landscape. Those that can’t respond will fall behind.

          Flash Storage and the Modern Storage Environment

          A modern storage infrastructure is no longer a luxury. It’s no longer just a competitive advantage. It’s a necessity. If you don’t have a modern infrastructure, you will be competed out of existence. Luckily, the flash technology that enables storage modernization has now reached a price point that enables many organizations to be able to afford it. The cost of flash has come down exponentially in the past few years and it’s going to continue to decline. New forms of flash are emerging and there are also hybrid disk arrays, which can bridge the gap between traditional storage and modern flash as organizations evolve their approach.

          Why Partner with Connection?

          Connection can help you design, build, and implement a storage solution that fits your exact needs. Our engineers are certified and skilled at developing storage solutions that build efficiencies into your IT environment. They have expertise and experience in developing storage consolidation solutions, virtualization solutions, tiered storage solutions, disaster recovery solutions, and more.

          Our experts can assess your environment to identify the actual root cause of your storage concerns. For example, we can discover the bottleneck in your workload, and then apply flash where it’s appropriate. This type of approach will yield benefits that offer an order of magnitude increase in performance. There may be other situations where we recommend another approach to address your storage needs. Our objective as a trusted advisor to our customers is to identify the most appropriate solution.

          Our depth of experience is one of the greatest reasons to partner with Connection. - Kurt Hildebrand

          Valuable Storage Services

          Our Storage Modernization Assessment provides easy to understand information about your data growth and usage, and we can use that data to provide customized recommendations for upgrades. Our assessment is designed to identify and evaluate the benefits your unique environment will achieve through storage modernization. Ask us how we can apply our methodology to help meet your data center goals.

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          Industry Expertise Make the Difference

          Our Enterprise Disk Array and Storage Networking solutions are best in class. Our understanding of available technologies is very deep. While we remain vendor-agnostic, we are extremely knowledgeable across many leading technologies. Our partnerships include industry experts like Brocade, Cisco, Dell, EMC, and Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

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