Desktop Virtualization
          32.5% of executives are not using virtual desktops, but plan to in 1-3 years.

          Desktop Virtualization

          The Evolution of VDI

          IT has been delivering desktops to end users through various technologies for 20 years now, but today’s modern desktop virtualization is very different and brings a lot of new capabilities to the type of experience that IT can deliver. More than ever, IT departments want to realize the benefits of desktop virtualization—cost savings, ease of management, improved security, and platform independence.

          The challenge has been to determine where to start and where virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) will be the best fit for the organization. Additionally, proof of concepts often present challenges in regard to finding or acquiring appropriate hardware as well as finding available IT staff time for setup and support.

          The Start of the End-User Computing Story

          There have been many positive changes in the realm of desktop virtualization that can change the way an organization functions. Once, IT was pretty happy if they could deliver a virtual desktop directly to a client that had specific software for receiving a virtual desktop. But, today, we have so many more options. In reality, the VDI story has changed to the end-user computing (EUC) story. VDI is certainly one of the important use cases (for users that are well-connected to the network), but end-user computing now addresses the other aspects, from a disconnected user to a modern application delivery system that gives us single sign-on access to applications, and content and desktops through devices with an HTML5 browser.

          4 Benefits of EUC

          1. Seamless application management: You can now build real-time application delivery systems that ensure applications are centrally managed. Applications are delivered to desktops through virtual disks. There is no need to modify desktops or applications themselves.
          2. User profiles: In today’s virtual desktop, we can now deliver real-time profiles to virtual desktops, even a brand new desktop that users are logging into for the first time. Using VMware View persona management, we can easily remove the user profiles from living in the actual desktop, store them separately, and attach them to the users’ desktops as they log on.
          3. Increased graphics capabilities: Virtual desktops now offer powerful graphics capabilities. Simply utilize the server’s graphics card and deliver a slice of the GPU to multiple virtual desktops.
          4. Access virtual desktops through a browser: Users don’t need any specialized hardware or a supported client to access their virtual desktop—they can access it from any modern browser, making it possible to check in to work from anywhere.

          VDI has come a long way - Tony Dancona

          Maximize Computing Efficiency and User Satisfaction

          Proof of concepts can present challenges in regard to finding or acquiring appropriate hardware as well as finding available IT staff time for setup and support. To help you overcome these challenges, Connection has developed a POC Appliance (POCA) that ships pre-staged with a complete VDI environment. The POCA allows you to immediately begin testing your applications in your own environment. An installed analytics tool captures and quantifies effects to the infrastructure as applications and features are enabled and tested—a critical data point in successful data-driven decisions about VDI in your organization.

          Why Trust Connection for Your VDI Solution?

          Many times we find that organizations have identified all of the benefits and enhancements of desktop virtualization—better and more granular control for the IT department, better performance for the end user, and a lot more flexibility in the way that users can access their workspace and their applications. But without a proper assessment to determine where and how VDI will fit into their environment, they may go into these implementations and not achieve the expected results.

          Our Virtual Desktop Assessment and, more importantly, our proof of concept methodology can help you evaluate the desktop virtualization technology that’s right for you, test it, feel confident that it’s going to work in your environment. You will know that when you actually deploy it to your user community, users are going to have a great experience and the new end-user computing environment is going to be widely accepted.

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