Converged Data Center Practice

          Our qualified experts have experience implementing a breadth of data center solutions for customers of all sizes across diverse industries. Our Converged Data Center Services make it easy to adopt and implement the industry’s highest performing infrastructure technologies to keep data centers running efficiently and effectively. Resources can be allocated and used based on analytics whereby workflows and workloads are directed to best serve the business need at any particular point in time. When optimized, organizations can attain new levels of agility and flexibility across all domains of the data center including network, servers, virtualization, and storage. This is the era of the software-defined data center, and our team can help you realize the vision and the benefits.

          Data Center Expansion Made Painless

          The Web's largest social infrastructure and analytics platform is operated by a company called AddThis. To support their data analytics needs and business growth, AddThis turned to us to scale the computing capacity in their data centers and create a more robust network.

          Our qualified experts have the experience needed to help support and implement your IT projects, learn more about our Data Center Practice.

          Additional Resources

          1. IDG December 22, 2015 TechPulse poll. Download "The Pulse of IT" to see what the latest stats reveal around converged data center.
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