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          Community Purchases


          The Middleboro Technology Department has partnered with Connection to extend discounted pricing on technology products to K-12 students/families, faculty, staff, alumni, and community.  Connection is dedicated to fulfilling the unique, specialized IT needs of academic institutions (K-12 and higher education), state and local governments throughout the United States.

          Middleborough High School and Nichols Middle School students have the opportunity to bring and use their own mobile device in school for educational purposes. Students will be able to register one device to use on the school network (A wireless device with a 10” screen or larger with browsing capabilities is recommended).  Student devices will connect to the wireless infrastructure and receive safe, managed access to resources. Similar to a district owned computer, student Internet access will be filtered in accordance with the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA). Students are not required to purchase a device however, students are allowed and encouraged to bring a wireless device to school for educational purposes.

          The BYOD letter found on the district web page under Quick Links references minimum/recommended specifications for laptop and netbook/tablet technology that students can bring from home to use on the NMS and MHS wireless network.

          The Connection resource for the community was developed based on the results of a parent survey that indicated an interest by some parents to purchase a wireless device under $500.00. The purpose of the partnership with Connection is to provide the community with one stop shopping at discount rates. Below are examples of technology products that the Middleboro Public Schools network can support.  The district is not endorsing one product over another and there are many other devices not listed that are viable options for you to choose. 


          CLICK HERE to view the Middleborough BYOD information and specifications

          Account Team:
          Patti Nagle, Account Manager
          Suzie Ripanti, Sales Support

          Featured Products

          Acer Chromebook C740-C4PE Celeron 3205U 1.5GHz 4GB 16GB SSD ac BT WC 11.6 HD ChromeOS, NX.EF2AA.002, 18403852, Notebooks
          Acer Chromebook C740-C4PE Celeron 3205U 1.5GHz 4GB 16GB SSD ac BT WC 11.6" HD ChromeOS
          Acer Aspire Switch 10 SW5-012-14HK 1.33GHz processor Windows 8.1 Pro, NT.L4TAA.008, 17675645, Tablets
          Acer Aspire Switch 10 SW5-012-14HK 1.33GHz processor Windows 8.1 Pro