Cloud Computing: Self-Run Private Cloud

          Self-Run Private Cloud

          A self-run private cloud computing solution offers your organization the benefits of an on-premise virtualized data center with the flexibility of the cloud. Unlike traditional server virtualization, a self-run private cloud delivers the ability to measure usage, self-service provisioning, broad access to data, and pools of compute resources.
          Overview of Self-Run Private Cloud

          Ideal Workloads:
          • Customized line-of-business applications
          • Data and applications with high security and compliance requirements
          • Cloud initiatives where you have recently made large on-premise investments
          • Workloads that require a high degree of control
          • Mission-critical workloads

          Cost Driver
          Self-run data centers are generally capital intensive. They have a significant physical footprint, requiring allocations of space, hardware, and environmental controls. These assets have to be refreshed periodically, resulting in additional capital expenditures.

          Less Challenging

          Control: Your organization has full control of the environment.

          Security: Your organization owns the infrastructure and can establish, enforce, and measure security and compliance standards.

          Flexibility: Because it’s your own environment, you have greater flexibility to customize a self-run private cloud computing solution than you would with most other cloud technologies.

          More Challenging

          Elasticity: If your organization ever has to expand capacity, you’ll have to provision the additional resources. And because there’s no provider to call on, you will always have to maintain your maximum capacity.

          Management: Managing the environment internally means your organization will have fewer resources to devote to other objectives.

          Resilience: Self-run private clouds have the potential to be highly resilient, but your organization must build and maintain that resiliency.

          Mobility: Providing mobile access to your self-run private cloud computing solution is possible, but your organization is responsible for setting up and maintaining that functionality.

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